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KPA Motion

KPA Motion is a library set used in software development for position control devices. KPA Motion is specially designed for automation industry, medicine, and other fields, where it is necessary to control the moving parts of equipment, for example, for numerical control (CNC) machines.

Benefits and key features

  • 3D-axis, synchronized axis and single-axis motion control
    KPA Motion provides the opportunity to create custom applications for managing portal systems and 3D-axis motion with complex trajectories.
  • Time-optimal trajectory generation on the fly
    Internal algorithms of KPA Motion allow to generate time-optimal trajectories at each motion cycle.
  • Jerk-limited
    KPA Motion helps to reduce equipment wear, acoustic noise, and loads amplitude in motion.
  • Adaptation to any operating system
    KPA Motion is compatible with various systems due to developed Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL).
  • Bus Abstraction Layer
    Bus Abstraction Layer (BUSAL) allows to interact with drivers based on various profiles, such as CiA402/DS402, SERCOS and PROFIdrive.
  • Available for various CPUs
    KPA Motion offers multi-thread processing for multi-core CPUs and is also optimized for low-end CPUs.
  • Native EtherCAT bus support
    EtherCAT bus support is provided by a comprehensive own-developed master driver.
  • Meets industry standards
    koenig-pa GmbH is a voting member of PLCopen Group. KPA Motion supports PLCopen specifications with additional extensions.

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