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Production planning is the key area of optimisation of production and minimising down times. The system visualises the production plan in a graphical form, allowing for easy and fast queuing of production orders. It presents the current, actual situation of the production and automatically updates the production plan based on down times, defects, and performance. Future orders are automatically recalculated based on historical data from machines and production, which allows the planner to see the production plan that is possible to implement and updated online based on a current production progress. Visualisation of a production plan and a current production progress Indication of current disturbances in the production and automatic adjustment of the production plant in accordance with a current and historical performance Optimisation of a production plan

  • Planning of availability of personnel, tools and devices
  • Personnel matrix
  • Automatic reporting of failures based on data from the industrial automatics
  • Changeovers matrix
  • Comparison of implementation of production with a production plan
  • Alternative production scenarios

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